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Pelham Falls Piranhas Swim Team

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The First Team Picture - 1994 (Our Second Year)

First Team Picture - 1994

Gimmie a "P"

The PFST began in 1993 fielding about 25 swimmers with Heather Hendley as our first coach. During that first season we borrowed Rusty Creek's pool to host our "home" meets. We were all a bit new to the whole experience. Our swimmers practiced in the "old" pool. When they got to their first 25-meter pool it looked like the "English Channel". In spite of it all Jamie Feathers, Heather Gourley, Adam Kalbfleisch, and Justin Moore advanced to Championships/Classics that first year!

Gimmie an

The "new pool" was completed at the close of our first season and we began utilizing it at the start of the second season. The team grew to about 65 swimmers and we hosted the division championship meet. We still were not sure what we were doing all the time but we were having much more fun doing it!

Gimmie an

In previous years, the PFST has won four divisional championships and advanced divisions four times. In our young career we have enjoyed a proud tradition of winning, great sportsmanship, great sponsorship, excellent volunteerism, superlative coaching, and excellent swimming talent.

Gimmie a "T"

Tradition being important, in 2003 we still had several charter families with active swimmers including, the Brown's, Drumm's, Ellingsons, and Schaus's.